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Mold Damage Restoration Company in Reston VA

We are a restoration company that offers cleanup and restoration services in Reston and the neighboring locations. The services we provide are geared towards ensuring that your home becomes more lively and healthy to live in, giving you peace of mind.

What we do

We mainly provide water cleanup, mold remediation, and restoration services for Reston home and commercial building owners. We do all that while ensuring that the quality of services that we provide are in line with what our customers expect.

Why choose us?

As a company dedicated to providing only high-quality services to ensure the contentment of our clients, you can be sure that we will only leave you smiling once we are done. We have been in this business for a considerable amount of time now. That has equipped us with the experience we need to deal with whatever water cleanup and restoration service you need.

Why it's essential to hire professionals

Mold remediation processes are sensitive, which is why it's not advisable to do them on your own. Hiring professionals should be your preferred decision as they have the necessary equipment, skills, and experience required for such tasks.

As professionals, we handle mold remediation tasks with utmost seriousness to prevent the problem from resurfacing. Keep in mind that if you decide to handle the task on your own, you might use the wrong process which can worsen the situation.

How we remove mold in your home

We hate mold, and we know you do too, so we use the best process to eliminate mold from your home. In addition to that, we utilize the latest industry-leading equipment to ensure that mold becomes a thing of the past in your residence.

The mold remediation process we use is clear and involves the following steps:

  1. Inspecting and assessing damage
    Most of the times, mold can grow while hidden from plain view, so the problem that you think is not so complicated can be one of the most complicated issues you've ever dealt with. As such, we use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that we detect mold even if it's hidden from your sight. That way, we can determine how complex the issue is and take the necessary action.
  2. Containment
    A majority of the mold remediation processes can send mold spores into the air, and those spores have to be prevented from gaining access into other unaffected rooms. To do so, we use different techniques and equipment to prevent further spread of mold.
  3. Air filtration
    Our mold remediation process also involves "scrubbing" the air to remove mold spores from the air during the process. That way, further spread of mold onto new surfaces in unaffected rooms is prevented.
  4. Removing mold and the affected materials
    This is one of the most important steps in mold remediation since it involves the actual elimination of the mold. The first step which involves inspection and assessment proves to be useful at this stage since it's what the experts use to determine how the removal will be done.

    Before the mold is gotten rid of, the affected items also have to be assessed. That's important so that the restorable items are separated from the ones that can't be restored. The ones that can't be restored should then be disposed of carefully.
  5. Caring for the affected belongings
    Once we have determined what items can be restored, the next step is usually to clean them and deodorize them while eliminating the bad odors. This step should be carefully done to prevent resurfacing of mold.
  6. Restoration
    In cases where the mold has severely affected the surface it grew on, we might need to repair or replace the affected surfaces.

Brief description of Reston

Located in Virginia, Reston is a census-designated place that was founded in 1964 and influenced by a movement that was referred to as Garden City. The area is quite large, and there has been an increasing rate of commercial and residential constructions which brought much development.

The climate in this place is characterized by considerably high temperatures and precipitation that is evenly distributed throughout the year. There are also several water bodies and other geographical features such as Lake Anne, Colvin run, Lake Audubon and others that increase humidity levels in the area.

With enough warmth and humidity in the area, mold can become a common problem considering that moisture and warmth can encourage its growth.

Dangers of mold and how to prevent it

When mold spores find their way into your Reston home, then a problem begins. Mold, especially black mold, is well-known to cause damage to property, which is a disheartening thing considering the effort you made to acquire what you own.

Besides, your health is also at stake since toxic black mold, and other types of mold produce mycotoxins and other toxins that can have mild to severe effects on your health. Some toxic mold exposure symptoms can even be life-threatening depending on the kind of exposure.

  1. You can, however, prevent mold in your home by ensuring that:
  2. Your home has adequate ventilation
  3. You always clean and thoroughly dry any damp areas
  4. All water leaks are promptly fixed
  5. Humidity levels are low in your home
  6. You add mold inhibitors when painting
  7. Your home is cleaned and dried thoroughly and quickly after a flood

Get the service you need today

Mold infestation in your Reston, Virginia home is a problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. After getting in touch with us, we act immediately as every second is important. Our main goal is to ensure that the whole restoration process is a success and that you get back your happiness. Contact us today and get the help you need to restore your home's glory and the smile on your face.

Time is ticking and any delay can cause additional damage to your property
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