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Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Reston, VA

It is undeniable that a home can incur a lot of damage over the years. Of course, you have to prioritize these issues. Situations such as a damaged garage door, cracks or holes in the wall, or defective latches are all things that could be put off. However, one thing you should have fixed immediately would be water damage.

This is because there will usually be immediate effects when your home gets water damage. Within just a few minutes, the flood waters will saturate the entire affected area. Water will soak the floors, upholstery, and walls. Your home's carpet might become permanently stained. Within 48 hours, mold and mildew will start spreading. After a week, the water damaged area might require a total reconstruction in order to get it repaired. This is why you will need to call a Reston emergency water damage restoration company as soon as possible.

Straight to Work

When we arrive on the scene, the first thing you can be assured of is that we will use specialized equipment to thoroughly remove the flood waters and begin the restoration process. Our flood repair starts with a heavy-duty industrial water extractor, we pair it with a top-of-the-line PAC water vacuum. We make sure these emergency response water cleanup tools have only the best components, such as highly-rated suction parts along with an innovative vacuum design. We will use water removal extraction equipment that will thoroughly draw the water out of the carpet completely. Indeed, these water damage cleanup materials are so solid that they even possess tools to dry out carpet even in the event of a basement sump pump failure.

We also have a low-grain refrigerant dehumidifier, which is actually able to cut the relative humidity down even lower than the typical residential dehumidifier. We utilize a desiccant unit for water cleanup in larger buildings, and we also have air movement equipment and wall-cavity drying system equipment too.

First Steps Before We Arrive

Once you call our 24-hour flood services emergency line, we will start by advising you on the first steps you should take before we arrive. This usually means doing such things as removing lamps and other items, removing the skirting from furniture, and shutting off the circuit breakers if you can easily access them. Last but not least, you also should make sure that you contact your insurance company and file a claim. Submit the claim number to us and we will bill your insurance company directly for our emergency water damage restoration services.

Finally, once we arrive on the scene we will follow an organized procedure for each job. First of all, we will do a thorough inspection. Then, we will assign a class and category to the water damage. After that, we will do the water removal process and then the drying and dehumidifying procedures.

Why Should You Call Us?

You should call us because we are the flood restoration and emergency carpet drying team that provides 24-hour flood damage restoration service for you. Our water restoration company is made up of experienced professionals, and so we can answer any questions you might have regarding water mitigation emergency services. For emergency flood water removal and 24/7 water damage restoration services, our team of professionals will stop at nothing to get you and your home or business back on your feet again.

Questions and Answers

We get a lot of questions regarding our services. Here are some of the most common:

Q: What are some signs that my home has water damage?

A: Many people are surprised to know that you can't readily notice water damage. However, if these signs are present, then you should call us immediately. If you are seeing such things as swollen walls, buckling walls, and damp insulation in your attic or basement, then chances are you have a problem. Call us before it becomes a true disaster.


Q: How can I prevent my home from getting water damaged?

A: There are plenty of preventative measures you can take in order to avoid water or flood damage. Such things as regularly cleaning your roof gutters, routinely inspecting your sump pump, fixing water and plumbing leaks, and keeping a close eye on your water bill for sudden increases (which might mean there is a hidden leak somewhere) are all things you can do to avoid flooding in your home or business.


Q: I have some water damage in my basement due to a flood, but it's only a few inches. Can I just let it dry out on its own?

A: While there are definitely some initial steps you can take, your walls and carpets are porous and microorganisms can still develop that could serious health problems down the road. Using our services will make sure the cleanup is done right the first time.

As you can see, we will offer a comprehensive and organized program. Our emergency water restoration services will help your home look like it had never even happened.

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